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Greenhouse & Hydroponic Environmental Control Systems

Confidence You Can Grow With

We manufacture greenhouse and hydroponic environmental control systems and accessories. We design our products to meet the high standards of exacting growers who require high reliability. All Link4 solutions are backed by 24/7 in-house (U.S. based) support. Link4’s products are designed to work in either outdoor greenhouses or indoor grow rooms. They are fully programmable to meet your needs.

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Greenhouse Controllers

Greenhouse Environmental Controllers

Link4 has an advanced line of greenhouse controllers that provides complete monitoring and adjustment of all equipment (heaters, vents, fans, irrigation) regardless of greenhouse size or type. Customized solutions can be created based on each customer’s individual needs.


Hydroponics Controllers

Hydroponic plant bed, link to hydroponic controllers where ever you go page.

Link4 is the developer of the All-In-One Grow Room Controller that maximizes your yields. Control light and recycle timers, vent fans, air conditioning, heating – even custom devices. Software based intelligence allows for changes on the fly and remote monitoring and adjustment from anywhere in the world.


Reseller Resources

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Link4 is a trusted solution to help distributors and resellers increase sales, with advanced agricultural environmental control equipment that will meet the needs of every type of grower. Link4 be there before, during and after the sale, to help your customers make the most of their equipment investment.