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About Link 4

In 2004, Link4 Corp. entered the greenhouse market with a line of advanced environmental control products designed to enhance productivity, energy efficiency, and profitability. Each one of these next-generation products has been paired with Link4’s vision of old-fashioned customer service: 24/7 in-house telephone support, internet support with the ability to perform assessments and repairs remotely, and the industry’s finest sales and service team at your beck and call. Today’s growers are as concerned as ever with conserving resources while staying competitive in a challenging market. Link4’s state-of-the-art environmental management systems allow growers complete, customized control over water and energy usage, growing environment, labor costs, and productivity. By offering better and more advanced environmental management products to growers, Link4 is bringing the greenhouse and horticultural industries into the 21st century and beyond.  Take the time to look through our website and envision the cost reducing, profit-increasing possibilities our environmental management systems can bring to your agricultural business. Our staff of engineers and support personnel are ready to help you create and install your very own system.  Now is the time to move your business into the future.