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Hydroponics Controllers - Wherever You Go

Link4 is the developer of the All-In-One Grow Room Controller that maximizes your yields. Control light and recycle timers, vent fans, air conditioning, heating – even custom devices. Software based intelligence allows for changes on the fly and remote monitoring and adjustment from anywhere in the world.

Indoor Hydropnic

Indoor Hydroponic Controllers for your Grow Room

An indoor grow room necessitates close attention to CO2 levels, lighting, heat management and air cycling. If these settings are not set and adjusted properly, it can result in higher costs or lost crops. iPonic controllers allow indoor growers to manage a number of vital functions through one fully programmable and flexible solution.


Outdoor Hydroponics

Outdoor Hydroponic Controllers

An outdoor greenhouse can be ideal for hydroponic growing, resulting in bigger yields, tastier vegetables, and healthier plants than what you might grow in a traditional garden. But the plants that grow naturally through rain and sunlight need more care and attention in a hydroponic setting


Small (6-8 lights)

Small Hydroponic Controllers

With a smaller grow room, every plant counts. iPonic controllers deliver consistent, reliable performance while conserving resources. With our advanced technology you can maximize yield while lowering costs.


Large (more than 8 lights)

Smiling garden center worker holding up tray of potted plants in greenhouse

Larger crops don’t have to mean larger problems. Our all-in-one solutions monitor conditions across multiple grow rooms, and make it easy to change one setting or all of them as needed during each growth stage. Software based intelligence allows for remote monitoring, so your grow room control travels with you.



Hydroponic plants on the farmer's hands

From lighting to watering to nutrients, every aspect of your grow room requires precision monitoring. If you’re growing as a hobby or just for your personal use, you may not have time to monitor all of the settings necessary for best results. Now, you don’t have to.



Looking in the modern Greenhouse

You already know the grow room settings that have brought you the best results, and need a system that maintains those settings, while also providing the flexibility to make changes as needed and to do so remotely should circumstances require. With Link4 the functionality you need goes with you, any time, anywhere.



Hydroponic Vegetables Growing

There is very little margin for error when growing vegetables in a hydroponic environment, particularly when it comes to proper irrigation. Our iPonic controllers make it easier to create the ideal environment for your vegetable grow room, and to adjust temperature and humidity as needed for better results.


Our Products

Control a grow room with advanced intelligence using the iPonic 614.

The challenge for hydroponic growers worldwide is to develop water-efficient, sustainable growing systems to supply safe, high quality products. Our iPonic 600 controllers adapt and change with the needs of each grow room. This is the only controller you will need.