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The iDoser Greenhouse Dosing System

Get Control of your Nutrients

A Single Interface to Control Your Dosing and Irrigation

Gain total control of your dosing and irrigation needs from one centralized location, using Link4’s new iDoser greenhouse dosing system. Avoid the hassle of multiple system syncing, additional programming and system calibration. The iDoser utilizes an easy-to-use scheduling interface to provide automatic dosing outside of irrigation times. The iDoser can be used in both an outdoor greenhouse environment and in an indoor grow room environment.

Lower Your Costs

Minimize manual labor costs and oversight time, while gaining full control of your entire dosing and nutrient system. Let the Link4 iDoser greenhouse dosing system assist you with reducing costs, increasing quality and regaining the freedom of being worry-free. Finer control of nutrient dosing allows for more efficient fertigation schedules.

Built-In Safety Monitoring

The iDoser offers built-in safety monitoring to ensure protection of and accuracy of optimal nutrients make-up to your crops.

  • Select and customize your own alarms and triggers at pre-programmed set points, to ensure stabilized levels are achieved.
  • A continuous record of nutrient dosing activities are also collected, and available through reporting functions by utilizing LinkConn software.
  • Sensor maintenance time period schedulers are available as well, to alert the user of calibration needs or to check sensor accuracy.
  • Back-Up Sensors can immediately engage as the main sensor, in a time of primary sensor failure, typically when readings differ wildly.

Five Reasons to Choose iDoser Greenhouse Dosing System

  1. Optimize water management and nutrient levels from a single interface.
  2. Integrated irrigation scheduling and nutrient dosing.
  3. Safety monitoring, alarms and a continuous record of nutrient dosing activities.
  4. Easily monitor EC and pH for accurate plant nutrient status and water quality.
  5. Improve costs, free up time and gain full control of your nutrient solution for better yields.

Features and Benefits

  1. Independently inject from 2 to 8 nutrients. *The nutrients are injected independently.
  2. Nutrients are measured with an EC sensor (typically in ppm), nutrients injected on a ratio basis.
  3. Maximum stroke time or max amount injection (ml) per hour
  4. Alarm on EC level (low and high)
  5. Inject 1 acid and/or 1 base solution
  6. pH sensor measurement involves temperature compensation.
  7. Sensor meter to alert user of sensor maintenance cycles.
  8. All sensors have quick disconnects for fast/easy installations
  9. Outputs: various pump types:
    • Diaphragm or Solenoid valves
    • peristaltic valves
  10. Inputs: water temp input, thermistor, EC, pH
  11. Solution types: nutrient, acid, base
  12. Basic irrigation timer based output
  13. Independent control system with the following:
    1. 1 pump for acid (or base)
    2. 2 pumps for two nutrients
    3. Add up to 5 more pumps if needed, with expansion an card
    4. EC sensor, and pH/Temp sensor

Graph of EC versys PH using the iDoser Greenhouse Dosing System