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iDrive Motor Controllers


The iDrive series of motor controllers are perhaps the most compact, powerful, and versatile products on the market today. Packed with smart features such as a 5-position manual override switch, motor reverse delay, and high-quality components, iDrive motor controllers can control nearly every type of vent and curtain motor.

Versatility by Design

A simple and elegant solution for controlling vents, curtains, 2-speed motors and other motor applications, iDrive is a solution designed for maximum versatility. Control your equipment manually or automatically – stand-alone or connected to a thermostat or electronic controller. Several integrated safety features protect your motor and greenhouse during installation and daily operation.

Easy Implementation

Not only does the iDrive offer versatility and safety, it’s simpler to install and is engineered to work to your specifications. And its compact design makes it easy to place in the greenhouse.

With the iDrive series of motor controllers, Link4 combined all the best features on the market and then improved the design with top quality components and smart engineering. The final result is the most advanced motor controllers available today.

iDrive 150AC™

The iDrive 150™ is a cost-effective motor controller for North American 120V AC motors, with built-in thermal overload protection. With the iDrive 300™, the iDrive 150™ provides a simple yet robust means to control your reversing motors.

iDrive 150DCP™

Link4 has designed a motor controller for greenhouse applications that is ideal for use with inexpensive DC motors. The iDrive 150DCP™ features high-quality components and design, plus advanced capabilities to meet the specific needs of DC motors, such as variable voltage adjustments for line losses, IR compensation and torque controls. If you are still using a 24V DC power supply for your motor, it’s time for a next-generation solution.

iDrive 300™

The iDrive 300™ motor controller sets a new standard for use with reversible AC greenhouse motors. Equipped with a built-in interface for limit switches, it takes just 3 wires to connect gearbox limit switches. Motor protection is accomplished with adjustable thermal overloads, which are precisely adjusted for your individual motor. The iDrive 300™ is compact and built with high-quality components for the rugged greenhouse environment. All iDrives are UL/cUL approved. Contact Link4 for the specific model to suit your AC motors and your available voltages.


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