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iGrow 100 Series Greenhouse Controller


iGrow 800 User’s Manual


The iGrow 800™ Series is an advanced greenhouse controller system that allows you to monitor and change a vast array of settings pertaining to your greenhouse cooling and heating equipment. The 800 comes with eight outputs, depending on your needs.

The iGrow 800 is perfect for people who are looking to make the switch from using a thermostat or an old controller to something more modern and efficient. While it has all the latest features to look after your greenhouse, the information presented is easy to understand and the controls are easy to use.


The iGrow 800 can be used to provide complete peace of mind, as you’ll always know that your greenhouse is being reliably monitored. Remote access is available so you can not only observe, but also make immediate changes to your settings no matter where you are in the world. Just like the original interface, remote access is easy to use and possible on any smart phone or computer.


Perform immediate adjustments with a touch interface until the settings are just the way you want them. By being able to closely monitor your energy usage and make changes whenever necessary, you can achieve a significant cost savings, while maximizing efficiency and making sure that no resources are wasted.

The data tracking software of the iGrow 800 can monitor and provide information on each individual piece of equipment, or you can also use the LinkConn 100 software package to further enhance the capabilities of your greenhouse controller.

The system boasts a USB data-logging feature that will be a significant timesaver each time a new crop cycle or season change comes around. Instead of having to input new settings for all of your equipment every time, you simply import the settings that were previously saved.


The iGrow 800 is a great entry-level system that makes it very easy to transition from relying on old and outdated thermostats to state-of-the-art technology.

With the iGrow 800, you can receive information regarding track run time and energy usage in real-time for many different types of equipment, including fans, vents, heaters, pumps and shade curtains.

The system relies on an easy-to-use, touch interface to adjust climate and energy settings according to your exact specifications. This means that you can make changes easily without having to resort to hard wiring. This kind of accessibility cannot be found in any other system that also offers the kind of customizable, advanced features that iGrow 100 Series has, all at an affordable price.