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iGrow 1000 Series Greenhouse Controller


Whether you’re looking to build, expand, or replace your current controller, the iGrow 1000 Series Controllers™ are the answer to optimizing your greenhouse operations.

A compact and highly versatile controller designed to easily regulate any sizegreenhouse, the iGrow 1000 Series have advanced energy-saving features and programming capabilities that make them the perfect solution for your needs. This flagship product line from Link4 offers the very best in environmental controls and can be expanded incrementally as your requirements expand.


With iGrow 1000 controllers you have total control of your greenhouse operations at your fingertips, including: HAF fans, cooling pads, heaters, louvers, vents, curtains, irrigation, bench, heat, HID lights, floor heat, microzones, pumps, and much more.

Beyond standard greenhouse equipment types, the iGrow 1800™ offers EC and pH capabilities, resulting in the very best in precision environmental control. With the iGrow 1000 Series controllers you can achieve better, more consistent control and better results at a lower cost.


The iGrow 1000 Series line of controllers offer two control solutions in one!Start with a full range of environmental control solutions – then add a full featured built-in irrigation controller. This removes the need to purchase, install, and maintain a secondary irrigation controller, eliminating additional  equipment and installation costs.

iGrow 1000 controllers are easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. With an emphasis on both flexibility and simplicity, these controllers allow you to program and change input/output settings at any time. The typical learning curve for LinkConn 1000 can be measured in minutes. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to use.


Link4’s LinkConn 1000 computer software makes controlling your greenhouse easier than ever. Unlike cumbersome PC interfaces or very basic limited solutions, LinkConn 1000 gives you total control over your growing operation in a logical, sensible format.

Now you can review greenhouse status and make detailed changes in just seconds. The layout is so friendly that it takes only a few minutes to find the data you need. Whether you have one or 100 greenhouses, LinkConn 1000 manages them all the same easy way from one location.

From the environmentally sealed NEMA4 enclosure to the simple wiring layout, iGrow 1000 Series controllers are built to last. Assembled from highly durable materials, these controller components provide years of trouble-free operation.

And if your needs should change, no controller is easier to expand than the iGrow 1000 Series. Whether you’re adding new zones or just adding more outputs, expanding with iGrow 1000 typically requires just three simple steps: connect, configure, and restart.