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iGrow 1800 Environmental Controller System for Greenhouses and Grow Rooms

The iGrow 1800 environmental controller system offers remarkable flexibility and security as well as a wide range of advanced features. It is backed by unprecedented service and support. Discover the benefits of a system that combines sophisticated precision control with ease of use through a simple interface. With the iGrow 1800 you can increase productivity while reducing energy and operating costs. Optional PC software adds unlimited history, logging and remote internet access.

The front control panel of the iGrow 1800 environmental controller system

Why iGrow 1800?

  • Intuitive programming and easy to use
  • Powerful and simple, but with precise control
  • A comprehensive list of the controlled equipment
  • EC/pH monitoring and control
  • Backup sensor available for added peace of mind
  • Password Protection
  • Proper control of vents with both active and passive vent control
  • Interactive communication protocol allowing networked controllers to communicate between zones.
  • Advanced pump control
  • Toll-free technical support with Link4 remote login support available
  • Low maintenance requirements and cost.

The iGrow 1800 Environmental Controller System Features and Options

iGrow 1800 Basic Features

  • 12 to 38 programmable output connectors
  • The ability to expand your system as your greenhouse or grow room grows
  • Intelligent integrated sensors
  • Override Switches

iGrow 1800 Special Features

  • Predictive cooling
  • Multi-button keypad for easier programming
  • Configuration Load and Save by PC
  • Sensor Back up through preprogrammed sensor mapping
  • Advanced master pump control
  • Vent position sensing
  • Anticipatory Heating and Cooling

iGrow 1800 Advanced Features

  • 8 daily set points with Drive to Average
  • Fertigation Controls (EC and pH)
  • Setpoint influence factors
  • Flexible conditional Controls with extensive programming cabability
    • Up to 128 programmable steps
    • Extensive operands
    • Logical and comparative operations
    • Variables supported
  • Daily light integral lighting mode
  • Intelligent irrigation (accumulated light and VPD)
  • Programmable Equipment start delay
  • Positive greenhouse pressure control
  • Advanced user differentiated access control
  • Advanced control software with graphical analysis package

Included Sensors

  • Aspirated Digital Temperature and Humidity
  • Secondary Temperature Sensor
  • Solar Light Sensor
  • CO2 Sensor (optional)
  • Differential Pressure (optional)

iGrow 1800 Accessories

  • Weather Station
  • Custom Relay Panel
  • Integrated Load Center
  • Alarm Auto-Dialer
  • Expansion Cards

Equipment controlled by the iGrow 1800 Environmental Controller System

  • Alarm Auto-Dialer
  • Grow Lights
    • Supplemental
    • Scheduled
    • Daily Light Integral
  • Irrigation Systems
    • Vapor Pressure Deficit
    • Time Schedule
    • Misting
    • Accumulated Light
    • External Trigger
  • Bench/Soil Heating systems
  • Boiler Pumps
  • C02 Injectors
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Fertigation Injectors
  • Fog Systems
  • Gas Unit Heaters
  • HAF Fans
  • Heating Mix Valves
  • Pad Pumps
  • Pad Louvers
  • Radiant Heating
  • Shade/Energy Curtain
  • Swamp Coolers
  • Vents (Roof and Side,Proportional)