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LinkConn Greenhouse Control Software

LinkConn software is a fast and easy way to take control of your greenhouses from your personal computer.Link4 understands how overwhelming greenhouse control systems can be, especially when you’re new to them. Often PC interfaces are too complicated, or too limited in their capabilities. Today’s growers need a fast and easy way to take control of their greenhouses. That’s why we developed LinkConn.

With LinkConn’s smart layout, you’ll be up and running with a minimal learning curve. The system makes it easy to control all of your equipment, review historical data and optimize growing conditions.

The LinkConn 100™ was introduced to complement the iGrow 100 series product line (iGrow 400™, iGrow 800™). With multiple zones, even minor setting changes can be very laborious. Link4’s LinkConn 100™ software allows growers to conveniently control all of their remote hardware through a single PC. All settings can be modified in groups to save time and reduce costly errors.