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UL Approved Greenhouse Contactor Panels

Every horticultural application is unique. No matter how large or small your growing environment, Link4 Corporation can provide a custom-matched platform to deliver the results you need.

American Made

Our US-based, UL-approved panel shop ensures that your environmental controllers are matched to the perfect greenhouse contactor panel. At Link4, our environmental control engineers, custom panel manufacturers, and support specialists all work together in one facility to guarantee that your greenhouse is in safe hands.Custom doesn’t have to mean costly. We’ve had several clients save money by switching to a quality custom solution that provides exactly what their growing environments require.

Integrated Greenhouse Contactor Panels

Many growers don’t realize that a high voltage piece of equipment (e.g. an exhaust fan) cannot be directly connected to an electronic controller. The proper method is to use a high-quality contractor, which is often housed in a separate UL approved (cUL in Canada) enclosure per UL508A standards. The environmental controller outputs are then wired to each contractor to turn on the appropriate high voltage loads at the designated time.

To reduce installation costs and facilitate easier installations, Link4 has introduced the iGrow integrated relay greenhouse contactor panel for our iGrow 100 Series greenhouse environmental controllers.

Fast, Easy Installation

With an iGrow integrated relay contactor panel, you will receive a UL approved greenhouse contactor panel and an iGrow 100 Series controller, conveniently pre-mounted on the door for ease of installation. There’s no need to mount two separate boxes with conduits in between. Pre-wiring between the controller and the high voltage contactors further reduces installation time.

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