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Gen 13 & 14 Hydroponic Lighting Panels

Advanced and Reliable Lighting

The right lighting is perhaps the most essential part of your growing operation. With the GEN 13 & GEN 14 Lighting Panel, you get ultimate peace of mind and control over your lighting system. With safety features that work in conjunction with those you already have in place, you’ll never have to worry about the lighting your crops are getting.

When controlling the lighting for your operation, safety is paramount.  Of course, you’ll have your own safety features in place already. But our lighting panels also include built-in sensors to detect abnormally

high temperatures. If one is detected, the panel can automatically shut down the lights to protect your operation and your crops from a potential disaster. Plus, a fan is always working to actively cool everything down.

The GEN 13 & GEN 14 Lighting Panel has big, robust switches that make operation a breeze. You can easily see if lights are on or off, even when you’re far away, with convenient indicator buttons. And a built-in time-delay means a hands-off approach for you lowers the amount of startup power required, which also helps protect your equipment and lowers electricity costs.

This lighting panel is a high-quality product designed and manufactured in California. It’s safe and officially recognized, which means permitting in the US and Canada is easy. It’s also compatible with all controllers and timers on the market, so you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll fit into your existing system.

Features and Benefits

  • UL508A Listed Approval cUL508A for Canada
  • Built in temperature sensor to detect high temperature conditions to safely automatically shut down the panel and all lights. Protects structure and crop.
  • Built-in time delay between each contactors
  • Light on status indicators
  • Daisy chain capable
  • Dual light banks
  • Fan cooled (NEMA 1)


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