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iPonic 624 Hydroponic Controller - Control Two Grow Rooms Remotely

The iGrow 624 Hydroponic Controller is Convenient and Easy to Use

  • Convenient, comprehensive multiple grow room control from one easy to use touchscreen
  • Saves time - program in minutes and let the controller do the rest.
  • Lower amps and save electricity usage.
  • Save money with lower electricity bills.
  • Increase your yields, crop after crop.
The iPonic 624 hydroponic controller is convenient, comprehensive grow room control from one easy to use touchscreen.

A Revolution in Grow Room Controllers

Affordable Superiority

Before the 624 you had 2 light timers and 2 CO2 sensors. PLUS the headache of manually checking your grow rooms at the device itself IN PERSON.

Now you have the power to control 2 rooms with 1 controller for all your grow room needs. Not just that but you can also do this from wherever you are on your smartphone or tablet with the new iPonic 624.

Monitor and change environmental conditions in two separate grow rooms through one iPonic hydroponic controller.

The iPonic 624 is the next generation in Link4's reliable iPonic 600 Series. With this customizable, dual zone controller, the grower can easily monitor two grow rooms simultaneously, but with one easy-to-use controller. The iPonic 624 minimizes the equipment needed, and the hassle of managing multiple units. With its sleek design and touchscreen display, the 624 offers a user friendly experience. Its software based intelligence can handle all of the functions and capabilities that previously required two controllers. With the ability to change and monitor settings from your smartphone, you will be free from the hassle of constantly checking on your grow room. The 624 will be consistently up to date in real time, on your grow rooms' conditions and should never lose on yields again from poor environment!

The iPonic 624 will update your lifestyle and change the way you grow!


  • Dual Room/Zone Controller
  • Automatically Flips 12-hour Light Cycles in 2 Separate Rooms
  • Adjust Settings via Smartphone or any Smart device
  • Control it from anywhere you are!
  • Receive Alerts when your Grow Room Requires Attention
  • Includes Free Communication Module
  • 2 Sensors with Unmatched Sensitivity and Durability
  • Accommodates Up To 8 120V Outlets over 2 Rooms
  • Removable USB Thumb Drive for Data Storage
  • Add Your Own Custom Devices

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