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iPonic Series Hydroponic Controllers

iPonic 614

Control a grow room with advanced intelligence
The iPonic 614 greenhouse hydroponic controller controls a grow room with advanced intelligence


iPonic 614 User’s Guide | Quick Start Guide | iPonic 614 Wiring Diagram

Link4’s iPonic series hydroponic controllers are the end result of our 40 years of experience in the hydroponic and greenhouse growing industry.

These advanced, commercial-grade controllers have been designed to help both new and experienced growers achieve the largest crop yields for their investments.

Leave Your Grow Room

The controller is the brain of your growing system. Unlike a simple timer, an intelligent controller, monitors and interacts with your grow room, adjusting conditions to create the perfect environment for your crops. Your controller can become relatively self-sufficient leaving you with more time and peace of mind.

At the same time, iPonic controllers also store valuable information and data. This data is used to discover your optimal growing habitat. The resource usage and efficiency, and other factors that can help growers maintain consistently high yields and the highest possible profit from each crop. Using this information, growers can identify their ideal grow schedules and program them into the controller, where they can be reused again and again.

Choose the Controller that Fits

We understand that not all grow rooms are the same. That’s why Link4 offers two advanced products in the iPonic series, the 614 and the 624. Each was designed for a commercial industry which demands exceptional quality, reliability and performance, and represents a revolution in grow room control technology.

Stay Connected with Smartphone Monitoring

Whichever controller you choose, you’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing that your grow room will thrive thanks to software-based intelligence, optimal cycle settings, and the ability to monitor and control your system remotely via your smartphone or tablet device. Now, you can adjust any grow room setting whether you’re out to eat or at a concert. If something happens you’ll get an alert email or text. Change the settings as needed, and get back to your life.

ip600Whether you are a professional grower or a hobbyist, the iPonic 614 allows you to control your grow room  with one intelligent and fully programmable controller. Control all your needs including temperature, lights, CO2, and humidity.



For larger grow room operations, Link4 is proud to introduce the iPonic 624, a new commercial grade hydroponic controller that controls 2 grow rooms from 1 controller, with the same quality and reliability that customers have come to expect from Link4.