Indoor Grow Room Lighting Contactor Panel

The new Link4 indoor grow room lighting control panel
The Internal View of the new Link4 Indoor grow room lighting contactor panel

Growers that depend on supplemental or indoor grow lights understand the importance of proper light distribution for optimum plant growth.

We, at Link4, applied our know-how and manufacturing resources to create the lighting contactor panel that the growers are asking for. Whether you have a 6 light vegetation room or a 600 light flowering room, our lighting panel solution will meet your needs.

The lighting contactor panel features top quality components mounted on industry standard enclosure with on-delay timer to protect against electrical surge. It accommodates various power requirements of grow lights, and the design allows for powering any number of lights by connecting multiple panels together.

Introducing the new Link4 Indoor Grow Room Lighting Contactor Panel

Benefits of the Indoor Grow Room Lighting Contactor Panel:

  1. Safe and easy way to control grow lights in a commercial environment.
  2. Built with confidence at our UL listed manufacturing facility in Southern California, using quality components.
  3. Eliminate need for finding the willing and capable electrician for onsite panel construction.

Features of the Indoor Grow Room Lighting Contactor Panel:

  1. Independent light bank control with manual switches
  2. Expandability within panel for additional lights
  3. Scalability via daisy chain of multiple panels
  4. Built in time delay for power circuit protection
  5. Models to satisfy most of lighting installation scenarios in finite increments

Confidence You Can Grow With!